Still Breathing - Volumes 1 - 6

Autor: Mena Thrace

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Garland and Nathan are brought together by unrelenting terror and tragedy, believing the worst to be behind them. Together, surely, they will be safer than if they go at it alone.They won't be. There is no more safety in numbers.Sometimes running isn't enough. Sometimes surviving isn't enough.Nathan and Garland are going to find out the hard way that the dead aren't the only predators the living have to worry about. The dead aren't the only things that bite.The worst has yet to come.This bundle includes the following books:Still Breathing: Ad Noctum (Book One)Still Breathing: Scattered (Book Two)Still Breathing: Inevitable (Book Three)Still Breathing: A Taste Of Things To Come (Book Four)Still Breathing: Parting (Book Five)Still Breathing: The Point Of No Return (Book Six)~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~She wanted the man to not be able to keep his eyes from her.Or his hands off her.His innocent fumbling went beyond adorable. He had no idea how cute she found him.She wanted to eat him up in the best of ways.As much as she wished she could play with him for the rest of the night and continue past dawn, she knew they did not have a lot of time.Besides, she was in no mood for foreplay.Bea closed the distance between them and began to tug his shirt over his head. He gladly complied, his breathing going to hell when her lovely chest pressed against his bare flesh. He could feel her warmth against his skin as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He hissed a little when her nails dug into his back; she gently raked them across his skin as their lips finally came together.
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