Cutting Loose

Autor: Alana Church

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Against the odds, Roy Lee McCoy and Eileen Harris have been reunited with Jillian, Roy Lee's mother and Eileen's sister. As the three of them work to merge back into a family, new pressures threaten to shatter their hard-won freedom.How will Jillian react when she discovers that her son and her sister are lovers? Will their love be able to survive the strain? Or will the siren song of Promise create a greater whole?And an old enemy is also searching for them: Eileen's husband, a thuggish brute who thrives on pain. When he appears, will they be able to stand against him? Or will the three of them fall victim to senseless malice? Find out, as our three lovers start...Cutting Loose.~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~In her bedroom, she stared at her reflection, and wondered for the thousandth time if she was doing the right thing.“Enough, Jilly,” she whispered to the image in the mirror. “Seduce the boy, or don't. But stop dithering. Choose.” She closed her eyes, then opened them.“I want him.”The wispy negligee was about three ounces of green fog, and it clung, gauzelike, to her hips and breasts as she walked into the living room. She strode slowly, maximizing her impact, smiling inwardly as Roy Lee's gaze caught her and his eyes widened. She posed in front of the fireplace, knowing full well the light from behind threw her silhouette into stark relief, outlining her legs, hips, and breasts. Her body warmed under his glance as he squirmed awkwardly. She knew instinctively how she was affecting him, and her cheeks warmed as she imagined his magnificent shaft hardening in his pants, preparing itself for her.She sat on the couch and nudged him into the corner with one hip, pulling one her afghans off the back of the couch at the same time. She draped it over both of them, then leaned over to pick up her glass of wine, making sure her son got a good long look at the swells of her breasts.They're not as big as Elly's, but they do the job. And no one has ever complained about them.
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