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Coffee is, after petroleum, the second product on the world market for exports, the volume of its market of about $ 10 billion.In its cultivation, processing and sale are occupied about 25 million people in the southern hemisphere. They base their survival on this activity, and depend on the price determined on daily basis by the New York Stock Exchange.Mexico produces some of the best coffee in the world, grown mainly in the mountains. The first product that Mexico exports is coffee, it is in fact the world's fourth largest producer and the world's leading one of organic coffee. Trasport of the cropIn Mexico more than three million people live with its cultivation and export. 91.7% are small producers with less than 5 acres and more than 60% are indigenous.The others are on a small number of large estates of enormous extent, the result of the occupation of the lands of indigenous communities, that the government allowed and supported.Entire families which based their precarious existence on a small plot of land have become therefore laborers forced to work in inhuman conditions in the service of the new master "finquero".In the estates of wealthy families of the national oligarchy and foreign entrepreneurs are counting on high returns arising from modern technology and the work of a large amount of cheap labor.Small producers instead produce without adequate technical knowledge and tools, and without the required credit enhancement, and of course they can not with only their own efforts work and market the finished product.
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