Enticed By The Machine

Autor: Randi Holiday

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Jane has a record-breaking libido and frustrated fantasies of rough hardcore sex. When the MILF is swept into a cyberpunk video game, she's given the opportunity to relieve her pent-up kinky desires with no apparent strings attached. Damien is her idea of the perfect dominating alpha-male, and as he uses his half-cyborg body to please her like never before, she begins to fall hard for him.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~When Jane landed in a room exactly like the one in Zack's video game, she thought that could only mean one thing, and checked her head for an injury. When she didn’t find anything, she decided to go with the flow, because the intricate hallucination had somehow landed her in the gorgeous man’s apartment and she was dressed to kill.Light streamed in from the setting sun, casting a pleasant orange glow across the room. She admired the high ceilings and almost futuristic steel furnishings and wondered where the half cyborg was. As she brushed herself off, she heard a noise and turned to see a naked man combat-roll into the room. When he came up into a crouch, he leveled an automatic rifle at her. Jane recognized Damien right away, and fought the urge to do something so that he'd be forced to subdue her. However, even naked, he looked seriously scary, so she threw her hands into the air and tried to behave.Damien blinked in confusion and stopped, his metal finger steady on the trigger as adrenaline pumped through him. "Who the hell are you, and how did you get into my apartment?"Jane was completely speechless and that didn't happen to her often. It was definitely him and he was naked and completely ripped.He lowered his gun as the reflective lenses slid out from his temples to conceal his eyes. After scanning her, he saw no dangerous enhancements or weaponry on the woman's perfectly curved body.She looked on in wonder as the mirrored lenses retracted into his head, revealing his dark eyes. "You've got built-in coolness," she said, remembering the readout that provided him information. For all she knew, it told him what color her panties were. "Too bad I didn't pay more attention while Zack was playing," she muttered.He tilted his head curiously at her comment, then shrugged. "Look, I'm not sure you're in the right place… Wait, hang on. Did someone send you here to help my recovery?" The toned man paused to stretch, now assuming her to be an escort hired for him by a friend.She looked wide-eyed at his muscled chest. "Um, no one sent me here. I'm not even sure how to explain it, but I'm from an alternate dimension or something. I just was playing a video game, and then I fell through your ceiling and landed on that box. I know it sounds crazy," she added, trying to keep control of her roaming eyes. "Um, maybe you should put some clothes on."He wasn't sure what to think as she avoided looking at his nudity. However, his scan didn't show any signs of dishonesty, so he gave a quick nod and slumped onto the sofa, patting the cushioned seat beside him. "Look, I'm not sure how much of your story to believe, but you seem sincere so yeah, take a seat."The worrisome game warnings replayed in her head and she took a step back. The game contained anal machine sex, and then there was the ominous warning of extreme penetrations that was abruptly cut off. Jane hadn't been with anyone except her boring-assed ex-husband, and the man had never gone near her ass, but she did wonder how that would feel.He smiled as his sensors picked up her increased heartbeat."So, what are you recovering from?” she asked, gazing around at his futuristic apartment."Multiple amputations and limb replacements, not to mention organs and brain implants," he replied, taking in her shapely body. He'd like to cut to the chase, but could see he'd have to pace himself.
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