Dad Trained Mom Well

Autor: Frank Zenau

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONWhether it was out of necessity or by design, mom made the choice to cross that fine line when she woke me up to wish me a happy birthday. When I woke she was lying in bed with me, kissing me like she had never done before. The kiss that she gave me was the best ever, but it was her hands on my cock while her naked body pressing up against my naked body that was the biggest surprise.EXCERPTRealizing that she was stroking my cock I thought about pushing her hand away, but for some reason I didn’t want her to stop her.“Mom, what was this all about?” I asked as she continued stroke my cock.“You’re a man now. I wanted to you to wake up on your eighteenth birthday knowing that you had a naked woman in bed with you.” She said as she continued to stroke my cock.“That there is a beautiful naked woman in bed with me sure is a pleasant birthday surprise.”“If I had the money I would have hired a woman to jump out of a cake naked and give you a blowjob.”“Mom, I don’t need you to waste money on me like that. I love your surprise better.” I said with a raging hard on.”“I feel a little awkward saying this, but in lieu of paying another woman to give you a blowjob I would like to at least take care of your erection.”“How do you propose to do that?”“I could jack you off and let you cum in my face and mouth.” She said while stroking my cock even harder.I don’t know if I was too far gone to tell her to stop or just anxious for her to do that. But when I realized she had lubricated her hands she was well prepared to jack me off. As I slowly sat up to sit on the edge of the bed she pulled the covers back so I could see her beautiful naked body. Tall and slim, with a perfect flat stomach her 36D breasts stood out like a spotlight like a Hollywood premier.Getting out of bed she stood up naked, uninhibited she made no attempt to cover up or hide her body from my eyes. Standing naked before me it was the first time I had seen her beautiful shaved pussy. She allowed me feast on her body before getting on her knees.
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