Sinful Discipline II

Autor: Anna Austin

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Nine filthy tales of Victorian lust, depravity and desire. Beneath the veneer of civility and etiquette, the raging passions of the Victorian age flow deep. Each story in this mega-bundle tells of a young woman dominated and despoiled, but ultimately embracing the dark side of her soul, and embracing her sinful discipline.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~She was so absorbed in her worrying that Mr. Miller's arrival took her by surprise. Mary gave a start as the door opened and she turned around to see the constable closing the door behind him. She turned back around quickly and fixed her eyes on her lap, ashamed and afraid. Mr. Miller didn't say anything as he walked over to his desk. The silence stretched for several moments and Mary had to suppress a shiver. She hated the uncertainty that came with the silence; she'd rather Mr. Miller yelled at her.Finally, Mr. Miller spoke. 'Miss Bennett,'' he began, voice cold and crisp, 'Mary. I do not know where to even begin.''Mary took a shuddering breath.'I did not want to believe it when Mrs. Jones told me, you know. I thought she had got it wrong. After all, Mary Bennett is a sweet girl, a polite young lady from a good family; she was not raised to be a thief.'' Mr. Miller spoke at a slow, even pace. Mary dug her fingernails into her palms and bit her lip. She was dangerously close to crying.'I know that the death of your parents has been hard for you. I understand that these must be hard times for you, but I cannot even begin to put into words how disappointed I am in you. I expected so much more from you, Mary.''Mary trembled on her seat. She tucked her chin against her chest, trying to make herself as small as possible. Whatever she had imagined Mr. Miller's disappointment would look and sound like earlier, the reality was a hundred times worse.'You should know by now that it is impossible to commit a crime without being caught in a small town such as this. You have disappointed me with your actions and your thoughtlessness.''Mary bit back a sob; she had never felt this bad, she would give anything to make it stop, to get away from Mr. Miller's harsh words.'Now, your punishment. I should send you to court where you will be charged according to the law and your punishment will be decided by the judge. However, I am willing to give you another option.''Mary straightened a bit in surprise. She hadn't even thought about going to court and the prospect seemed daunting. The judge might send her to jail and Mary knew that she wouldn't last a day. She was certain that whatever Mr. Miller had in mind was infinitely better than going to court.'You need to be disciplined for your actions. You need a firm hand.'' Mr. Miller paused and for the first time, Mary dared to look up. She still did not look Mr. Miller in the eye, but she let her gaze fall on his chest in anticipation.
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