Dance for Me, Momma!

Autor: Angel Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION:Amanda loved dirty dancing not only for exercising, but for the money. It gave her a boost of confidence knowing she could still out-dance most women half her age, and still turn the men, and even a few women on. She also loved getting free drinks at night, and being able to sneak in a few customers for some extra fun. But the actual real fun begins when Amanda's son's Austin, shows up and wants a private lap dance! He does the unthinkable with his momma, while she is on the clock! Sex sure gets kinky while on the clock and the other strippers get their own fun as well. Some get customers, while others get their sons, as well!EXCERPT:They managed to get just enough room to make it work, so Mandy did her magic now, as she grinded against the stranger and then lifted her ass towards her son after a few seconds of grinding on the stranger. She grinded her ass into her son’s crotch and could feel both men’s dicks start to re-act to her movements. Both men moaned as Mandy grinded between the two men.After another minute or so passed by, Austin wanted more and he knew just how to get it. His head popped with a brilliant idea to take his dick out and accidently inserted it into his mom’s ass. So, before Amanda came back to his groin, Austin hurried to unzip his jeans and pull his cock out of his boxers, and waited for his moment to get grinded again. Austin could feel his heart start to pound a little bit faster and louder as he waited patiently for his mom to move her ass back to his cock.After several more seconds of waiting, Austin’s moment came alive as his mom moved her round ass towards him and he grabbed his cock and slowly poked his cock towards the ass. Before his mom could stop him or respond, he hurried to poke a little bit more, back and forth, and teased the ass enough to get some of his cock into the ass.“Oh, my god!” Mandy said softly as she sighed loudly, feeling her son’s cock go inside her tight asshole.Austin pulled out and back in again slowly, teasing the ass, to make it wetter for him so that he could go in deeper. He loved the ass and pussy, and right now, it felt hot just knowing he could fuck his mom’s ass, without her rejecting him. Austin continued to push in and out slowly, letting the tight hole get used to his cock. In and out, steady and slow.“We shouldn’t be doing this, young man.” Mandy said softly as she looked backwards at her son. She felt shocked that her son actually just did the sexual move on her just now. Never in her mind, did Amanda think that she would actually do the naughty deed with her son, ever! But she did admit that it felt hot as fuck right now!“No one’s paying attention. No one will care if they don’t know about it. Let’s just keep going.” Austin said as he looked around, just to make sure that his mom’s nosy boss wasn’t just on the other side of the curtain. Thank god, he wasn’t! Austin didn’t want to get his mom fired on his account.Amanda didn’t say another word as she let her son continue to tease her ass with his thick, 7-inch cock. She could feel the cock go in and out slowly and steady, just as she liked for a short while. Mandy could feel her ass get wetter with each stroke and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she could feel her son inside her all the way, and she couldn’t wait to feel that thick ding-dong of his. The cock continued to move in and out, slowly and steady.
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