Daddy Teaches Me How To Fuck

Autor: Trisha Treat

Wydawnictwo: TT Books

Sara is 18 years old, and has led an extremely sheltered, home-schooled life with her Daddy. She knows that there are things about the world that he hasn't taught her yet, and her natural urges are demanding that she find out. When she finally asks her Daddy about the big bulge in his pants that she notices touching her whenever they cuddle, he decides that it's time she get her first grown-up lesson. EXCERPT:"Daddy, don't brush me off. Tell me what it is that I keep feeling." I rubbed my hand across his crotch and felt his hardness again. "Right here." I rubbed him gently through his pants.Daddy's eyes widened a little and he let out a slight groan, but he didn't move. "Daddy, I know that there are some things about the world that you haven't told me about." I didn't move my hand. "Like, I know that men have different parts than ladies do. I want to see what men look like, there." My voice was uncertain, but steady. I had to get this information out of him. I deserved to know the truth about things. Daddy heaved a sigh, and looked into my eyes. "You're right, honey." He stroked my cheek with his finger, gently. "There are things about the world that you deserve to know about." He slightly pushed his hips forward, pushing his hardened bulge into my hand again. I liked when he did this, and I wrapped my fingers around him."I guess it's time Daddy taught you. You're 18 now, you deserve to know what a nice cock looks like."
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