American Fairy Tales

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American Fairy Tales is the title of a collection of twelve fantasy stories by L. Frank Baum. The twelve stories were published in this order in the first edition. "The Box of Robbers." "The Glass Dog." "The Queen of Quok." "The Girl Who Owned a Bear." "The Enchanted Types." "The Laughing Hippopotamus." "The Magic Bon Bons." "The Capture of Father Time." "The Wonderful Pump." "The Dummy That Lived." "The King of the Polar Bears." "The Mandarin and the Butterfly." The stories, as critics have noted, lack the high-fantasy aspect of the best of Baum's work, in Oz or out. With ironic or nonsensical morals attached to their ends, their tone is more satirical, glib, and tongue-in-cheek than is usual in children's stories; the serialization in newspapers for adult readers was appropriate for the materials. "The Magic Bon Bons" was the most popular of the tales, judging by number of reprints.
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