The Incest Bed: Taboo Erotica

Autor: Anna Conda

Wydawnictwo: Palimpsest Publishing

Warning: Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include BDSM, incest, and other taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.********She recalled how she had seen Gil Ames at a cocktail party the preceding Saturday. She had been with her husband, and they had had an argument just prior to leaving for the party. Her husband had been drinking a good deal lately, and she had been hurt by his conduct, particularly in the way that he talked to her.If ever she had needed somebody to talk to, it was then. Fortunately Gil was there by himself, giving her an opportunity to talk with him a lot longer than she would have been able to had his wife been present. Since his wife was on an ocean cruise of theCaribbean, Gil was setting up temporary bachelor quarters at his huge home. He was one of the most successful jewelers in town, but he retained a humility that caused her to admire him. He was not the type of man who carried a chip on his shoulder, as did so many of the successful men she knew.The longer that Gil spoke with her, the greater the degree of affection that developed between the two of them in the course of that evening. Fortunately for her, Betty's husband had been preoccupied conversing with other women. It wasn't so much that he was eager to jump into bed with them, Betty thought, but more that he was eager to placate his lavish ego. He wanted to let everyone know that, as a successful physician, he could also charm the women.While he held court on one side of the room, making all kinds of witty comments and causing the women to laugh and giggle, Betty started pouring out her soul to Gil."Things just haven't been right between myself and Phillip for a long time," she told him. 
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