Antarctic Peninsula - Mountaineering in Antarctica

Autor: Damien Gildea

Wydawnictwo: Nevicata

A beautiful work dedicated to mountain addicts and to amateurs who like to travel far from home!Climbing Antarctica is a unique experience. It is a dream that only few mountaineers have had the privilege to fulfill and that you can now skim, thanks to this very nice book, richly illustrated and remarkably documented.Damien Gildea will let you get be dragged into the rich history of Antarctica mountaineering adventure, from the first explorations in the 19th century until the achievements of today extreme climbers. He will lead you at the very heart of the most impressive and remote mountains of the South Pole…Discovering the incredible Antarctica Mountains, emerging from the white hugeness, will let more than one reader speechless. It is hard to figure out that we are still on Earth !In this volume you can find all the information about the Antarctic Peninsula.This book is an absolute must-have for all climbers and travellers!ABOUT THE AUTHORDamien Gidea is a polar mountaineer and explorer. He successfully led seven expeditions in the highest Antarctica Mountains, from 2001 to 2008. He is the author of the book entitled Antarctic Mountaineering Chronology, published in 1998, and of detailed topographical maps of the Livingston Island (2004) and Vinson Mountain (2006). His articles and photographs were published in many periodicals around the world, as the American Alpine Journal or the American magazine called Alpinist. He also led a skiing expedition to the South Pole and took part in several expeditions in the Himalayas, in Karakorum and in the Andes. When he is not exploring, Damien Gildea lives in Australia.EXCERPTThis is the most popular and accessible part of Antarctica, and arguably the most beautiful. To many people the Antarctic Peninsula, with its icebergs, penguins, seals, whales, snowy peaks, and glaciers dropping into the sea, is Antarctica. No longer unexplored, the Peninsula now draws tourists and other adventurers due to its great natural beauty, a melding of mountains and sea, of rock and ice, of twilight, colour and warmth, far from the vast monochrome inland.The early years of exploration in the Peninsula region mainly consisted of commercial trips by sealers and whalers, with geographical discovery a secondary aim. The first party to visit the Antarctic for purely geographical exploration was Adrien de Gerlache’s 1897-99 Belgica expedition. Their ship became trapped in pack ice and they were thus the first people to spend a winter in Antarctica. The expedition not only included a young Roald Amundsen, who would later return south for the Pole and greater glory, but also Frederick Cook who was the ship’s doctor. Cook, part of a long and continuing tradition of dishonest polar adventurers, would gain notoriety for making fraudulent claims to have reached both the North Pole first and to have made the first ascent of Alaska’s Mount McKinley. Cook would also later spend time in a US prison, where Amundsen was a famous visitor.
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