CO2-Reservoir Oil Miscibility

Autor: Dayanand Saini

Wydawnictwo: Springer International Publishing

This SpringerBrief critically examines the latest experimental and non-experimental approaches used for the fast and reliable characterization and determination of CO2-reservoir oil miscibility in terms of the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP).

This book serves as a one-stop source for developing an enhanced understanding of these available methods, and specifically documents, analyses, and evaluates their suitability and robustness for depicting and characterizing the phenomenon of CO2-reservoir oil miscibility in a fast and cost-effective manner. Such information can greatly assist a project team in selecting an appropriate MMP determination method as per the project’s need at a given project’s stage, be that screening, design, or implementation.

CO2-Reservoir Oil Miscibility: Experiential and Non-Experimental Characterization and Determination Approaches will be of interest to petroleum science and engineering professionals, researchers, and undergraduate and graduate students engaged in CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and/or simultaneous CO2-EOR and storage projects and related research. It may also be of interest to engineering and management professionals within the petroleum industry who have responsibility for implementing CO2-EOR projects.

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