Defeat the primeval fear

Autor: Frank Mildenberger

Wydawnictwo: Books on Demand

You feel constantly cramped and uncomfortable? The oppressive pain in your chest and the constant lump in your throat restrict you in everyday life? All these are symptoms of deep-seated anxiety or fear. Many adults, but also more and more adolescents, are plagued by worries, fears or even panic attacks. What does this have to do with quality of life? Nothing! Our fearful thoughts prevent us from experiencing happiness and the pure quality of life. The deep-seated so-called primeval fear lets you live in a permanent state of fear, anxiety and insecurity. Learn in this book how to reduce and overcome your fears and your primeval fear. You expect a new quality of life and new life forces. A life of fear and anxiety is not a life that is meant for us. We are creative beings, endowed with the power of divine design. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to experience this through the veil of oblivion. The time has now come to begin a life full of courage and self-realization! As a reward you get a fearless and courageous and self-determined life, which you have desired for so long.
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