The Spirit Of Christmas

Autor: Henry van Dyke

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

Dr. van Dyke has written many things about Christmas and no writer of our time has caught as he has the spirit of that day. No one can forget the "Story of the Other Wise Man," "The Lost Word," or "The First Christmas Tree," and now this little book has been brought out called "The Spirit of Christmas," which contains in the most attractive form his latest and best expression of the spirit of that festival. The first chapter in the book he calls "A Dream Story—The Christmas Angel," and it is well worthy of ranking with "The First Christmas Tree." It is an exquisite little story, written in the most graceful and charming style. This is followed by a little essay, "Christmas-Giving and Christmas-Living," most practical and suggestive at this time of the year; then comes a short Christmas sermon called "Keeping Christmas," on the text, "He that regardeth the day, regardeth the Lord," and finally two Christmas prayers, "A Christmas Prayer for the Home" and "A Christmas Prayer for Lonely Folks." There could hardly be a more appropriate and attractive book for this holiday time.
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