Daddy's Bedroom

Autor: Lily Weidner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONAccompanying her Daddy on a road trip, Sandra can’t stop the forbidden taboo fantasies running through her mind. When a mistake at the hotel causes them to share an intimate night in bed together, Daddy’s little girl decides to take matters into her own hands. Undressing for her handsome father to watch, will this barely legal school girl spark a night of incestuous sex with Daddy?EXCERPT“But Daddy, aren’t you worried about um… seeing too much? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”Taken aback by his daughter’s words, Adam could barely think of a response. “S-Sandra, what’s gotten into you? You’re my daughter, since when did I have to worry about seeing too much?”Blushing for a moment, Sandra began slowly sliding off her shirt. To her surprise, her Daddy’s eyes continued to linger over her bare skin stopping eye level at her sheer bra. Daddy’s looking at me? He actually noticed my body like that? I-I didn’t think he’d ever look at me like that! Playfully encouraging her father’s gaze to linger, she bent over revealing the tops of her large breasts while slowly slipping out of her pants. The sheer panties Sandra had chosen earlier in the day now clung to her body, revealing almost everything to her father’s gaze. Seeing a look of outright shock on her father’s face, Sandra giggled. “Daddy! What are you staring at? I thought you said you were fine with this.”“Cupcake, I-I… um… I didn’t expect you to change right in front of me. Th-that’s all.”“Oh, does my body bother you Daddy?”Clearing his throat, Adam tried handing his daughter a shirt before using it to hide his building arousal. “N-not at all, sweetie. W-why… why would your body bother me? I’m just not... this just isn’t right is all.”With her father clearly nervous, Sandra decided to sit down on the bed next to her father. Before he could encourage her to put more clothes on Sandra playfully pulled the shirt away from her Daddy’s lap. Staring at his noticeable erection, she let her eyes meet her father’s questioning gaze. Not acknowledging the sight, Sandra was soon crawling closer to her Daddy until she rested comfortably in his lap. Ensuring her perky breasts were eye level with her father, she giggled. “Daddy, you’re still staring at me…”
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