Daddy Daughter Stories - Volume 2

Autor: Anita Little

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTIONFour very different stories rolled into one steamy book of nothing but sex between strong Daddy's and their Lolita horny young daughters who need a firm hand to guide them. Perhaps it is strictly a biological phenomenon. These stories are of a young girls who dare to try the unknown; of teenage girls trying to find themselves, trying to find out what makes their budding bodies tick, tying to find out what life is really about. Like many young people, they often learn things the hard way. Stories include:1.Creampied by My Daddy And Brother2.Daddy Pounded Me In The Ass!3.Dwayne's Stable Slut4.My Daddy Fucked Me Good!EXCERPTI told daddy that night he took my virtue that I had a secret wish to be fucked in public. That little kink had always been in the back of my filthy mind. The satisfaction, the control of doing the most intimate of acts in public, in front of some unsuspecting stranger was delectably naughty in my mind. One of my sluttier friends at school told tall tales about how her boyfriend would fuck her in public, behind bushes, once in the girls’ bathroom, and even going so far as to take her boyfriend’s cock from behind on a bus of all places! She had a lot of balls and I thought it was hot. So hot in fact that I wanted to do the same thing.He laughed out loud, thinking that I was joking, but I wasn’t. He took me to the beach as he dropped off my sisters at the babysitters. He hesitated at first; after all, we would be having sex in a public beach. It would be considered public lewdness if we got caught, but the slight chance of getting caught wasn’t enough for daddy to resist my begging and pleading for some tube steak to fill my slutty hole. We swam in the salty water together, inappropriately looking at each other and fondling one another beneath the water. He swam out a little farther away, took off my bikini bottom, and fucked me for the first time in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean as we paddled our incestuous feet just to stay afloat. We were so far out that nobody would be able to see us.And then he took my hand and we swam out to the giant rocks where we could have some privacy. The rocks were very rough and few people would walk on them because of their sharpness. Daddy said that next to and around the rocks we could “Mussel” hunt our dinner. Free dinner. Wait, we had no bucket to get back to shore with our haul. Maybe next time around.The people on the beach seemed small from the distance that separated them from us. While it was true that what we were about to do on those rocks could be seen by someone with binoculars, or at the very least by the lifeguard, we didn’t care. I didn’t anyway, something so sexual about having sex in public where part of the allure was being caught with your pants down, literally and maybe even getting another party to fuck me besides my daddy.
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