Banged by Bigfoot

Autor: Amber FoxxFire

Wydawnictwo: Amber FoxxFire

Making out with her boyfriend in the middle of the forest, Betty Jo came face to face with the monster from her nightmares:A real, live, Bigfoot.Rooted to the spot, she watches helplessly as her boyfriend jumps in the car and takes off, leaving her all alone with the 9-foot tall behemoth.What will Betty Jo do now that she’s completely alone with this “mythical” monster?Excerpt:A scream crawled up Betty Jo's throat but refused to burst forth from her mouth. Her whole body screamed "Run!" but she stood frozen to the spot, her eyes bulging. Before her stood a creature of myth and legend: Bigfoot. Her eyes saw but her brain didn't register the fact."Come on!" her boyfriend honked the horn, which sounded loud in her ears.All the 18-year-old woman could do was run to the car, jump in and be safe. She couldn't make herself do it, however, as fear held her in a vise-like grip."Stay there, then! I’m leaving!" he shouted, giving her one more chance to get into the car.Betty Jo heard him back the car up and speed away, but all she could do was stay there looking at the massive creature before her.She'd always thought Shaquille O'Neal, her favorite NBA basketball player, was tall and built like a tank. But this thing was at least two feet taller and had shoulders so broad she couldn't believe what she was seeing.Bigfoot stopped what he was doing, grunted and gazed into her eyes. Betty Jo felt a shiver tap dance through her spine and goosebumps spread across her skin. With one giant step he stood before her and all she could do was look up at him. Her fingers twitched and she suddenly found that she could move.Her scream split through the forest as she whirled around and raced away. The young woman dashed down the dirt road, hoping beyond hope to escape.Suddenly, she felt a large hand drop on her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks. Whimpering like a scared puppy, she looked around, not knowing how to handle this situation.He picked her up as if she weighed nothing more than a feather. Flinging her over his shoulder, the Bigfoot turned and strode into the trees.
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