Wolves at Our Door

Autor: Soren Paul Petrek

Wydawnictwo: Éditions Encre Rouge


Neither the olive he fished from the martini glass on his coaster nor the remainder of the drink, which he downed in a gulp, alleviated his exhaustion. There was always more work to do. He didn’t pretend to understand the science Einstein referred to, but he was aware that his colleagues throughout the free world had encouraged him to write the letter. It left no doubt that the theories concerning nuclear reactions were no longer mere theories; a bomb with gigantic explosive force could be constructed—this was fact. The phone on his desk rang. All calls went through his chief of staff, who was awake whenever he was. Roosevelt took calls at this hour only when either he was already expecting them, or they came from the British prime minister, Winston Churchill. He removed his Pince-Nez glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He never answered the phone on the first ring. It was best to keep the caller waiting a short while, at least.


Soren Paul Petrek is a practicing trial attorney with a passion for studying World War II. He lived in France and England listening to people’s stories of sacrifice and struggle during the darkest periods of the war.
Soren’s research on the subject inspired this novel.
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