Autor: Jean-Paul Chilès

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

Praise for the First Edition ". . . a readable, comprehensive volume that . . . belongs onthe desk, close at hand, of any serious researcher orpractitioner." --Mathematical Geosciences The state of the art in geostatistics Geostatistical models and techniques such as kriging andstochastic multi-realizations exploit spatial correlations toevaluate natural resources, help optimize their development, andaddress environmental issues related to air and water quality, soilpollution, and forestry. Geostatistics: Modeling SpatialUncertainty, Second Edition presents a comprehensive, up-to-datereference on the topic, now featuring the latest developments inthe field. The authors explain both the theory and applications ofgeostatistics through a unified treatment that emphasizesmethodology. Key topics that are the foundation of geostatisticsare explored in-depth, including stationary and nonstationarymodels; linear and nonlinear methods; change of support;multivariate approaches; and conditional simulations. The SecondEdition highlights the growing number of applications ofgeostatistical methods and discusses three key areas of growth inthe field: * New results and methods, including kriging very large datasets;kriging with outliers; nonse??parable space-time covariances;multipoint simulations; pluri-gaussian simulations; gradualdeformation; and extreme value geostatistics * Newly formed connections between geostatistics and otherapproaches such as radial basis functions, Gaussian Markov randomfields, and data assimilation * New perspectives on topics such as collocated cokriging, krigingwith an external drift, discrete Gaussian change-of-support models,and simulation algorithms Geostatistics, Second Edition is an excellent book for courseson the topic at the graduate level. It also serves as an invaluablereference for earth scientists, mining and petroleum engineers,geophysicists, and environmental statisticians who collect andanalyze data in their everyday work.
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